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Charles BowTie is a brand influenced by British pop culture and contemporary art. The collection, composed of vibrantly coloured pieces that reflect its anti-conformist mindset, projects an air of positivity which is highly contagious. With the laid-back, urban appeal of its watches, Charles BowTie transcends the ages, plays with codes and overthrows the age-old conventions of the fashion world, reinventing itself at will.

Charles BowTie

A Universe of Colour

Sparkling with creativity, Charles BowTie is like a gift box, brimming with joyfulness and good humour.

Charles BowTie lifestyle Charles BowTie lifestyle
Charles BowTie lifestyle Charles BowTie lifestyle Charles BowTie lifestyle
Charles BowTie lifestyle

Each piece, combined with its bowtie, is part of an urban universe which invites the curious on a voyage of discover y. With interchangeable straps, Charles BowTie watches can be adapted to the personality of their owner, and to match any style, however extravagant. With a dandy, foppish air, the brand proudly owns its resolutely unusual vintage pop style.

From dandy to candy

Meet Charles

Charles BowTie is ageless. Charles does not follow the latest trends, preferring instead to create his own. Curious by nature, he is a lover of the arts, something that manifests itself in everything he does. He adores colour and this passion subtly infuses every aspect of his inherently British look. Never one for the solemn or sombre, he has no time for "classic" pieces. Even down to his derby shoes, he emanates a passion for life. Fresh and anti-conformist, he takes great pleasure in standing out from the crowd by cultivating a quirky wardrobe and curating unique accessories that reflect his humour and finest discoveries. He pays no heed to the looks he receives, as long as one of his extravagant pieces puts a smile on someone's face. Charles has taste, and enjoys mixing styles and genres to create a harmonious look. Certainly out of the ordinary, his various influences and openness of mind make him a fun-loving and fascinating person. Someone you would love to meet!

Meet Charles Collection


Inspired by 14 locations throughout the UK, the collection is an urban voyage combining art, fashion and lifestyle. Starting from the Shetland Islands located to the north-east of Scotland, then heading down to Bath in the south-west of England, the brand takes us on a dazzling adventure. The collection brilliantly plays with colours, textures and original designs. From one universe to another, we are plunged into unique and enchanting surroundings. Playful and stylish, just like Charles, the brand has created 14 bowties, each paired with a watch and an additional interchangeable strap. Owners are then free to create a wardrobe to suit their style and mood, alternating between sharp chic and effortless cool.


Ipswich Ipswich tie
Cambridge Cambridge tie
Halifax Halifax tie
Richmond Richmond tie
Dover Dover tie
Aberdeen Aberdeen tie
Newcastle Newcastle tie
Westbury Westbury tie
Edinburgh Edinburgh tie
Kenley Kenley tie
Shetland Shetland tie
Bath Bath tie

Happy brothers

The Loth brothers are nothing if not passionate. As art collectors, this passion manifests itself in the way they communicate, work and enjoy life. As partners, they combine their energy and experience to transform a vision into reality. The world around us can be exciting, or it can be bewildering, depending on how we choose to look at it. To reflect this, Eric and Thierry wanted to highlight all the contrasts and colours that make our modern society so beautiful.

And what better than a watch, a witness to the passage of time, to boldly display this message of positivity and happiness? Through many creative discussions, it was this approach that formed the foundation of the Charles BowTie brand.

Happy brothers

The distinctly British name was not chosen by accident. It is a nod to the culture, humour, and tangible sense of freedom inherent to Britain, three aspects of the birthplace of pop culture that the brothers particularly admire. Created for the imaginary and inspiring spirit lying dormant within us all, just waiting for the chance to express itself...