The Halifax

115.83 CHF


Includes a second NATO strap and an early adopter gift

The HALIFAX model is the emblem of optimism. It is designed for those who strive towards the future with hope, believing the best is yet to come, and that nothing can stand in their way. This timepiece illustrates its point with bright colours: A vivid red centre is encircled by a white band, then a navy blue band, all surrounded by canary yellow. This timepiece will look stunning set against a deep summer tan. It will adorn your summer outfits like a flower and will bring a welcome warmth in cooler seasons. This timepiece will ensure a positive outlook, no matter the situation. 

New product

  • Swiss Parts Quartz Movement

    Swiss Parts Quartz Movement

  • Long Life Battery

    Long Life Battery

  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel

  • Size 40mm

    Size 40mm

  • Showerproof


115.83 CHF

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