The Dover

115.83 CHF


Includes a second NATO strap and an early adopter gift

The DOVER model is dedicated to all those with adventure in their soul who, like Charles BowTie, are citizens of the world who feel at home everywhere. The red, blue and white on this model are a subtle nod to the colours of a lighthouse designed to guide voyagers. To create a real sensation, Charles BowTie recommends pairing this ineffably stylish and eye-catching timepiece with cufflinks and a bow tie. The Dover model will be your companion on all your travels and adventures around the world. 

New product

  • Swiss Parts Quartz Movement

    Swiss Parts Quartz Movement

  • Long Life Battery

    Long Life Battery

  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel

  • Size 40mm

    Size 40mm

  • Showerproof


115.83 CHF

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