The Westbury

115.83 CHF


Includes a second NATO strap and an early adopter gift

The WESTBURY model is a piece shrouded in mystery and spirituality; it is the model dedicated to dreamers and creative minds – those who are not content with reality and who, in their dreams, imagine a whimsical world free from any constraints... the world of Charles BowTie. The Westbury timepiece features fanciful colours such as dark blue, pink and purple, interspersed with yellow to accentuate its mesmerising effect. This timepiece is the perfect accompaniment to any activities designed to boost your creativity, so let your imagination run free!

New product

  • Swiss Parts Quartz Movement

    Swiss Parts Quartz Movement

  • Long Life Battery

    Long Life Battery

  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel

  • Size 40mm

    Size 40mm

  • Showerproof


115.83 CHF

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