The Flint

115.83 CHF


Includes a second NATO strap and an early adopter gift

The FLINT model is all about charm and romanticism. The graceful colourway of this timepiece finds its perfect backdrop against a picturesque seascape, with the sun setting at low tide. The Flint model features two pale pinks: one light and one slightly darker. This timepiece would be the perfect accessory to team with your most classic outfit at a gala dinner, or simply a romantic getaway amongst the finest scenery Jane Austen country can offer.

New product

  • Swiss Parts Quartz Movement

    Swiss Parts Quartz Movement

  • Long Life Battery

    Long Life Battery

  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel

  • Size 40mm

    Size 40mm

  • Showerproof


115.83 CHF

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